Joel Young for AC Transit Board

The Platform

Clean Transportation

According to the EPA, research has linked air pollutants such as ozone and particulate matter to lung and heart disease and other health problems. AC Transit is a national leader in transitioning to zero emission buses. Despite being a national leader, zero emission buses still constitute only 2% of AC Transit’s bus fleet. Joel’s goal is to push for AC Transit’s bus fleet to be 100% zero emission by 2030, so that AC Transit will be a leader in improving air quality in the Bay Area. 

Adapting to Technological Change

Advances in transportation technology are rapidly eroding longstanding monopolies in public transportation. In order to maintain and improve the availability and quality of public transit, a century-old bus model must adapt. Joel is looking to establish pilot programs to integrate AC Transit bus service with new transportation technologies to provide better transportation service.  

Affordable and Reliable Transportation

As a regular and longtime transit rider himself, Joel intimately understands that many in our community depend on AC Transit in their daily lives. It is important to ensure that AC Transit remains affordable for all that rely upon the service. Joel will continue to fight to maintain a baseline level of service that is reliable and affordable for all. 

About Us

Joel Young is the AC Transit Director-At-Large, representing 13 cities and various unincorporated areas in Alameda and Contra Costa County. 

After graduating with a law degree UC Berkeley School of Law, Joel worked for four years at prestigious law firms helping launch start-up  companies. In 2009, Joel was appointed to the AC Transit Board and was the youngest African-American to ever serve on the Board at that time. 

At AC Transit, Joel has: (1) advocated for polices that would steer hundreds of millions of dollars to local business over the next decade; (2) facilitated workshops explaining to small business owners how to contract with the agency; (3) supported a Climate Action plan for the agency; (4) spearheaded the Freedom Bus Project, which aimed to provide public  transit, arts education, and the history of the civil rights movement; and (5) pushed the agency to begin the development of a path to have a  100% clean bus fleet.

In addition to serving on the AC Transit Board, Joel is a Partner with The Tidrick Law Firm. He focuses his practice on employment law and  complex class and collective actions that advance the public interest. Joel has represented employees in a broad range of claims,  including wage and hour, discrimination, wrongful termination, sexual  harassment, and racial harassment cases.   

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